Murderous Methods ('Mordmethoden' auf Englisch)

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murderous methods
using forensic science to solve lethal crimes

"Murderous Methods does not rest with assembling expert analysis of a vsat range of complex crimes an investigations from around the world - Mark Benecke also manages to create a alevel of suspense ans charm in his narrative worthy of a greta novel. Benecke, one of the world's leading forensic experts, proves himself one of the most insightful an important commentators on the evolving interaction between crime an public culture."
-- Matthew Pearl, author of The Dante Club

"No mere true-crime tome, Mark Benecke's Murderous Methods artfully blends history ans cutting-edge science with a conscience-provoking exploration of the cultural mores and psychological demons that drive both homicide and the ways we punish it. Disturbing but compelling reading for forensic experts and buffs alike."
-- Jessica Snyder Sachs, author of The Encyclopedia of Inventions

"This is a must read for anybody interested in murder mysteries and who is, at the same time, looking for insight into what is in the mind of a serial killer and what triggers crimes to be committed in the first place."
-- Lawrence Kobilinsky, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, author of DNA: Forensic and Legal Applications

with a foreword by michal baden

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